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Be empowered to be safe online
Online Safety Simulator provides a realistic and fun way to learn the skills necessary for staying safe online.
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What is the Online Safety Simulator?
Online Safety Simulator is a game-based virtual reality learning experience that empowers you to learn the protocols for maintaining a safe & positive online experience. The Online Safety Simulator will enable you.
1. Protect your online identity & information.
2. Detect, outsmart & report online predators.
3. Learn about cyber bullying and how to combat it
Who can use it?
Young Adults, parents, schools & organizations can use the Online Safety Simulator to educate themselves or their communities on Online Safety
What sets is apart?
Here's how you can benefit from this experience
01 - Learn in Virtual Reality
Learning in virtual reality eliminates distractions and enables the use of realistic game-based scenarios thus facilitating better learning retention.
02 - Gain Access to a Personalized Debrief Session
Get access to a debrief session with Online Safety experts to deepen understanding of lessons learnt in virtual reality.
03 - Receive Personalized Recommendations
Personalized report(s) with recommendations on immediate interventions that individuals and institutions can take to ensure their online safety.
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